Lectures and workshops.

Kalam padi

Fadi Mustafa travels every week to the different football fields, on Friday he is in the small field in Kfar Cana, on Saturday in Bloomfield.
Between two different worlds and leagues, the stories of the leading groups in Arab society.
The involvement of the clan and the political connection to sports, how empirical sports were erased, how money is raised, the wonderful journey and entanglement of Fadi Mustafa in Egypt.
When Fadi cried on air while in Arab society killing and violence was celebrated.

I am red at heart
What do the Arab fans sing during a football game and in what language, and how does the political and social situation affect this audience every week.
האם ב"לרוח בלדם נפדה אל אקצא" מרגיז את השחקנים היהודים באותה קבוצה ערבית ?
And when on the outside you maintain severity, then how do you maintain the dressing room containing Arab and Jewish players?
A lecture with a political tone, suitable for various institutions, research institutes and more.