Niv Eshat Cohen, grew up and was born in Tel Aviv, and spent his childhood among photos and stories about the world behind the scenes and the camera thanks to his grandfather, Mola Eshat - the iconic photographer. His love for this world led him to serve in the IDF as a producer and program editor, and then as a film studies student at NYU University in New York.

The firm brings a new and unique voice in the world of artistic and creative entrepreneurship, and represents over 300 actors and actresses, media and television people, directors, screenwriters, influencers and news leaders, lecturers, instructors and culinary men and women. Cultivating milestones in the world of Israeli media and culture alongside building Israeli and international talents before and behind the scenes.

The agency is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, in a bustling office, and has 10 employees. We invite you to take a look at the world through our glasses.