Shmuel Wilozheny


  • "Irreversible", Network
  • "Hatzuya", Hot
  • "Always the same dream", Hot 3
  • "This is it", Channel 1
  • "Zimmers", Channel 1
  • "The Midrash", Channel 13


  • "Cats on a pedal boat"
  • "the boarding school"
  • "rape testimony"
  • "The Great Madness"
  • "Tel Aviv-Berlin"
  • "Foreign woman". Directed by: Michal Bat Adam
  • "Daddy come to the amusement park"
  • "Two minutes from Paradise", director: Danny Sirkin
  • "And then she came", director: Roy Florentin


  • "Prisoner in the heart of the city", the Kamari
  • "A Jew in the Dark", a solo show
  • "Mosquito in the head", the Camry
  • "The miser", the stage
  • "Servant of two masters", he said
  • "Hamlet", the stage
  • "The inscription", the stage
  • "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Beer Sheva Theater
  • "Comedy of Errors", Beer Sheva Theater
  • "To the promised land", the Kamari