Sagi Muki

  • Bronze medalist - Tokyo Olympics 2020
  • אלוף העולם בג'ודו- טוקיו 2019
  • אלוף אירופה בג'ודו- באקו 2015 + תל אביב 2018
  • lecturer


Lectures and workshops.


The challenging and exciting path from the judo circle to the world championship and the Olympic team medal in Tokyo
הדרך של שגיא מוקי כספורטאי אולימפי התחילה בגיל 4 בחוג הג'ודו בנתניה, ועוברת דרך אליפות העולם ואליפויות אירופה, והזכיה במדליה האולימפית הקבוצתית בטוקיו.
This is not only the story of a professional athlete who reached the top, but an inspirational story about tremendous motivation, determination, dealing with changes and difficulties and great faith in the way and ability.
In the lecture, Sagi shares special experiences and the most exciting moments he has had over the years.


Sagi Muki on growing from crises and dealing with complex challenges of an Olympic athlete
An athlete's life is full of dealing with crises and challenges, and in fact - who doesn't face difficulties and crises on a regular basis?
In the lecture, Sagi talks about his dealings with the main crises he has experienced in recent years - around the Rio and Tokyo Olympics and the Corona crisis.
He reveals the tools, skills and ways that helped him grow from the crises and become a more complete and stronger person, and can inspire anyone at any stage of life.