Rina Mazliah

  • Journalist and presenter, Channel 12 News


Lectures and workshops.

Preparation workshop for performing in front of a camera
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A 4-hour workshop at the client's office to purchase tools and prepare for a television interview. In the workshop we will specify the delivery of the messages and focus on the topics we would like to talk about and deliver them in the best way.

Rina succeeds - the lecture

Rina succeeds in her lecture on Israeliness and the politics within us, through the eyes of the journalist who broke the boundaries of conventions and female power.

Rina saw 30 years of Israeli success through the lens of the journalist. From Tunis she reported on the Oslo Accords, was among the first journalists to broadcast from Jordan before the peace accords, broadcast in Hebron on the massacre of Baruch Goldstein, on the northern border in the Lebanon War and the First, the collapse of Eric Sharon and of course in the heart of dozens of election campaigns. From the first woman to broadcast football to the first female commentator in the Friday studio and served as a source of female empowerment and breaking several glass ceilings.

In the lecture Rina gives a personal and authentic glimpse of how to win as a woman in the male world of the Israeli press and shares her personal moments at all historical points of time of Israeliness.