Kobi Maimon


  • Stand Up NATION, Network 13
  • מותק בול באמצע- כאן 11, בימוי: שמואל הספרי וג'אי מיכאל
  • "Spiders", HOT for Nickelodeon, directed by Rani Sa'ar
  • "Laughing at the situation", Network 13
  • "Kobe and Little: Life itself", Network 13
  • "The Station" HOT KIdz, directed by: Emil Ben Shimon
  • "My Life", Network 13, directed by: Ben Bachar
  • "Friendship", Channel 10, director: Rani Sa'ar
  • "Finny's Hotel", HOT for the children's channel, directed by Roy Florentin
  • "We are on the map", HOT, directed by: Eli Ben David
  • "The War of the Sexes", Channel 2
  • "Everything is going", Network 13 for Channel 2
  • "Produd", channel 2, director: Daniel Lapin
  • "Zagori Empire" HOT, directed by: Maor Zagori
  • "Outlaw", HOT Comedy Central
  • "Laughter from work", Channel 2
  • "The Green Project", Beep channel, directed by Eyal B
  • "The University", HOT Comedy Central
  • "Tall and Greenbaum", channel 2, director: Daniel Ader
  • "The talk show - what's up with the trio", presents a permanent corner, HOT


  • "Mita Tova", directed by: Sharon Maimon and Tal Granit


  • "Smurfs: The Lost Village", dubbing director: Sharon and Leni Cohen
  • ״תפוס ת'פטיש״, בימוי דיבוב: דן שצברג