Adi Shilon

submits and edits content


  • "The Talk", "Connected", "Unit 2", "War of the Sexes", "The Best of All".
  • Presenter of "The Home Dish".
  • Host of the "Prepare a Chef High School!" Israel".
  • Host of "Survival" - just before the final and first interview with the winner.
  • Host of the "Chef Games" - just before the final.
  • Host of the "Race to the Million" - task host and final broadcaster.
  • Moderator of "De Weiss" - just before the final and an interview with the winner.
  • Content editor, screenwriter and presenter of "Channel 24" today's tracks.
  • "Big Brother" 6- casting and creative tasks
  • Radio Tel Aviv - producer, content editor and presenter - "Live from Tel Aviv", "The morning show with Tal and Aviad", "The morning show with Slutsky and Dominguez", "The little man from the radio with Yoav Kutner", "Zormat".
  • Field reporter at Mako - "Master Chef", "The Screenwriter", "Save me, I don't know how to cook", "Great Country"