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"Our Secret"

Stav Shapir tells about her little sister who was born with autism, and taught her how to move mountains
Stav Shapir grew up next to a sister with autism and special needs, and realized at a young age that in order for her to have a chance in life - the whole family had to fight for it. Being a student, Shapir led the largest social protest in Israel and after it became the youngest member of the Knesset in history. She was a member of the finance committee and chairman of the transparency committee, founded the lobby for social justice, and after her retirement from politics, together with her sister, founded the Shira center for young people with special needs, which allows them to study and work as part of the community.

A lecture that every person who wants to make a change must hear

How do you make a revolution? An inside look at Israeli politics, where our money really goes and how each of us can make a big impact
Stav Shapir grew as a student into one of the largest social protest leaders in Israel, and at the age of 27 became the youngest member of the Knesset in Israel. Thanks to the recruitment of thousands of volunteers, she came in second place in the Labor Party, changed the world order in the Finance Committee, and established the Transparency and Lobbying Committee for Social Justice in the Knesset.

Shapir, the eldest sister of a girl with autism, left politics after seven years in the Knesset and founded the Shira Center, which allows young people with special needs to learn and work as part of the community. Her lectures in schools and social and business organizations are known for their ability to motivate people to action and have a positive impact on the society in which we live.

In her lecture she tells what politics looks like from the inside, what the media does not reveal to us and what methods citizens can use to influence.