Niv Raz



  • Graduated from Beit Zvi High School for Acting Studies
  • Acting in front of a camera course, Ruthie Dykes
  • איבונה צ'אבאק, השתלמות בהנחיית סצינות ומונולוגים


  • "Until the Wedding", network, directed by: Oded Lotan and Dana Levin
  • "Our Song", YES, directed by: Roy Flonartin
  • "War Room", network, director: Roni Kay
  • "Quickie", HOT, directed by: Zeev Kelathi
  • A sketch show with Avi Kushnir-Reshet
  • "It's good that you came", Channel 10
  • "The Mythological Ex", Keshet. Directed by: Sigal Evin
  • "Maybe this time", YES, season 2. Director: Michal Cooper Keren
  • "The Leaders", Logic channel
  • "The Place", Channel 10, Season 2. Director: Yitzhak Shaoli
  • "Here we live with fun", Channel 10. Director: Roy Florentin
  • "The Champion", HOT3, season 3. Director: Shay Capon
  • "Our streets", network, moderator
  • "Galis", the children's channel, season 5. Director: Oded Raz
  • "Friendships", network, season 2. Director: Shai Ben Atar
  • "Growing Up" Channel 10
  • "Disappearing", HOT. Directed by: Rani Sa'ar, Yariv Horowitz, Yaron Arazi
  • ״תאג"ד״, YES, עונה 2. בימוי: ציון רובין

Directed by:

  • Training videos - Yoel Geva
  • Promotional video - Peres Center for Peace
  • 2 theater performances


  • Many plays at the Beit Lisin Theater, the Bhima, Tamune and more


  • Participated in 43 commercials