Matan Shavit



  • "For her, heroes fly" Keshet 12, directed by: Omri Givon
  • "Disappearing" Nickelodeon, directed by Rani Sa'ar
  • "דאנסטורי" ערוץ דיסני, בימוי: עודד רז
  • "Flashback" The Children's Channel, directed by: Emil Ben Shimon
  • "Ron" YES, directed by Ron Feldman
  • "The System" children's channel, "Herzl" (broadcast every year on Independence Day)


  • "Leopold-Stadt", the stage theater
  • "Vibrate my heart", Bhima Theater
  • "The Doctor", the stage theater
  • "Romeo and Juliet in the Philharmonic", the stage theater and the Philharmonic Orchestra
  • "Hamlet", the stage theater
  • "Dreams of Others" - a play from the poems of Idan Raichel, the Israeli Ha'sha Theater
  • "Talk about their whereabouts", Bhima Theater
  • "Spanish Garden", Bhima Theater
  • "מאמא מיה", תיאטרון הבימה
  • "יש רופא באולם", תיאטרון הבימה
  • "הרובוטית", תאטרון הבימה
  • "מיקה שלי", תיאטרון הבימה
  • "מול כולם", תיאטרון השעה הישראלי
  • "Road signs" - Naomi Shemer, Bhima Theater
  • "Shakespeare in Love", the Bhima Theater
  • "A love story in three chapters", The Bhima Theater
  • "The Adventures of David Aryeh", the Bhima Theater
  • "Legend of Rubina". The Bhima Theater in collaboration with the Israeli Ha'a Theater
  • "The Wizard of Oz", the Israeli Ha'sha Theater
  • "Solem Jacob", the Israeli Ha'sha Theater
  • "The Little Mermaid", Maor Maimon Productions - Hanukkah
  • "Peter Pan", show theater
  • "The Sixteenth Lamb", National Theater for Youth
  • "The Kite Chaser", Gesher Theater
  • "I am not a thief", according to Tami Shem-Tov's book. Yoram Levinstein in collaboration with Hani Theater


  • זוכה פרס השחקן המבטיח תיאטרון הבימה ע"ש אלה דן
  • Winner of the Keren Sharett Award, the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for the year
  • Winner of the Outstanding Youth Actor Award at the Autumn Theater Festival sponsored by the Chamber Theatre

Directed by:

  • "People, places and things" / Duncan McMellin - Yoram Levinstein acting studio
  • "The Chairs" / Agen Ionesco - Kibbutzim Seminar
  • "Yitzrim" / Willam Mastrosimon - Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio
  • "Private Life" / Noel Coward - Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio