Lectures and workshops.

"The stories behind the scenes - coverage of women"

How is inequality manifested in Israel?
What are the wage gaps between women and men? Should combat service be allowed for female soldiers? And why don't men really go on maternity leave?

Michal Kaifan, managed to bring the issue of women's exclusion and the fight for equality to the forefront of media coverage. And now in a fascinating lecture, combining articles and interviews, she brings the stories behind the major investigations to promote equality for women - what does the struggle look like with policymakers and even colleagues at work, and what is the place of each of us in changing reality.

An eye-opening lecture, with humor and even with homework.
The lecture is really not just for women.

Michal Kaifan is the welfare reporter for Channel 12 News. As part of her role, she brings to the screen social injustices and the story of marginalized populations in society.


Exploitation of the elderly - everything you need to know

In a new round of lectures, an activist tells about the behind-the-scenes coverage of the elderly in the news, and the stories behind the investigations into the exploitation of adults in Israel. In a combination of articles, and stories behind the scenes, an activist, who has made it her goal to fight the phenomenon, will share important tips on what to watch out for and what the state should do.

A lecture tailored to pensioners, the elderly, municipalities and social workers.