Jonathan Gottlieb



  • Four years of film studies in the leading film major in Israel at the national high school
  • לאומניות ע"ש תלמה ילין
  • Creating content
  • in May
  • scripter
  • Video editor


  • Strauss
  • HOT
  • elite
  • Tami 4
  • Terra
  • For a full pretzel
  • Castro
  • Roldin
  • to Bank Hapoalim
  • Promotional film near Vashem
  • an orange

Writing and editing:

  • "Name me a follower" writing, directing photography and editing a series at HOT
  • "Partners" writing, directing and editing-pilot for a comedy sitcom
  • "Flying on stars" writing, directing and creative photography and pilot editing for the series on HOT
  • "Chaos" solo writing with Yaniv Horvitz - drama series


  • "משפחה טובה", כאן 11
  • "מי נתן לך רישיון", כאן 11
  • "חיבוק של שבת", ערוץ הופ
  • "לה פמיליה"
  • "Dog House"
  • "Wonderful Country"
  • "אלישע", ערוץ הילדים
  • "כפולה"
  • "אחותי קפצה כיתה"
  • "Comfort", HOT
  • "forever"
  • "Alone at home", here 11
  • "Mika and Frank in the cave"
  • "Golden Access" an instructional film for an educational technologia center on road safety


  • "The Witch of Ibn Gvirol" writing, directing, filming and editing, short film
  • BLISS, writing, directing, editing and animation, short film in English
  • "Falling Star" writing, directing, short film
  • "The mistake I will regret forever", directed, edited, independent short film


  • "Elite Cafe Miracle", social networks, photography, editing and writing
  • "La Roche Pose", social networks, photography, editing and writing
  • "Move Youth", a podcast about successful teenagers
  • "Hide and Seek in Sami Ofer", creative, marketing, writing and editing
  • "We came to calm her down and pose", social networks, photography, writing and editing of several sketches


  • "Crazy", writing, directing, filming and editing a pair of skits to be performed at the Haifa Theater