Herzl Tobi



  • The Bernard Hiller Acting Studio – Master Classes
  • Amy Lyndon's Cold Reading Classes
  • Bobbie Chance Acting Studio


  • "The 90s", Keshet, directed by: Ariel Benavji
  • "The criminals are coming", directed by: Ran Levy and Manny Yaish
  • ״שב"ס״,כאן 11, בימוי: קובי חביה
  • ״שמח חתני״, קשת, בימוי: אריאל בנבג'י
  • "Eyes", Keshet 12, director: Omar Tovi
  • "The 80s", Keshet 12, directed by Kobi Havia
  • "Kingdoms", HOT, directed by: Amir Man
  • "Miller Junction", Keshet 12, director: Adir Miller
  • "Falling on your feet", Channel 2, director: Ayelet Menachemi
  • "Dying for a moment", HOT3, directed by: Doron and Yoav Paz
  • "Neighborhood", HOT for Nickelodeon, directed by: Oren Ashkadi
  • "Hacht Eps Eps", Channel 10, director: Amir Man
  • "Friendship", Channel 10, director: Rani Sa'ar
  • "Homeland", Showtime, director: Michael Cuesta
  • "Hatzoya 3", HOT for the children's channel, directed by Oded Lotan
  • "Asfor 2", HOT3, directed by: Rani Sa'ar
  • "Yellow Peppers", Channel 2, directed by Keren Margalit
  • ״רמזור״, ערוץ 2, בימוי: אוהד פרחבארה"ב–
  • Homeland – Directed by Michael Cuesta
  • THE UNIT –– Directed by Terrance O'Hara
  • 24- Directed by Jon Cassar
  • HEIST- Directed by Doug Liman
  • WANTED- Directed by Guy Norman Bee
  • THRESHOLD- Directed by John Showalter
  • THE SHIELD- Directed by Scott Brazil & Clark Johnson


  • English
  • Hebrew mother tongue
  • Basic level: Spanish, Russian, Arabic


  • Compleat Female Stage Beauty- Rogue Machine
  • The Imaginary Invalid (Moliere) - JH Stage
  • Convergence - The Lex Theater
  • The Palestinian Connectio- Moonquake Productions UK Theatre:
  • Mr. Happiness (Mamet) - Directed by Siggi Lindal
  • Kids - Directed by Siggi Lindal
  • Death Watch (Jean Gene)- Directed by Siggi Lindal
  • Dangerous Liaisons- Directed by Robert Fried
  • Epic - Directed by Louis Cope
  • The Surgeon of Honor - Directed by Robert Fried
  • The Innocent Mistress - Directed by Andrew Visnevsky
  • Tours of Schools in England- Comedia Del Arte'- Directed by Steven Hutton
  • Artists Descending A Staircase (Stoppard) - Drip Action