Gil Weiss



  • Graduated from Beit Zvi High School of Performing Arts


  • Shakshuka, here 11, directed by Aviad Kider
  • "Photographed", HOT, directed by Manny Yaish
  • ״פלמ"ח״, YES לערוץ הילדים, בימוי: יונתן בר אילן
  • ״תאג"ד 2״, YES, בימוי: ציון רובין
  • "Losing Alice", HOT3, director: Sigal Evin
  • "Normal", HOT3, directed by Assaf Korman
  • "Morobot", HOT for the children's channel, directed by Aviad Kider
  • "Underdogs", YES, director: Eric Goldstein
  • "Sabri Marnan 6", channel 2, director: Robbie Duanias
  • "Daughter of the Virgin", YES, directed by Ofer Weizman
  • Eilat, the children's channel, directed by Aviad Kider
  • "The Pencils 8", the children's channel, directed by Yoni Gra
  • "Neighborhood 2", HOT for the children's channel, directed by: Oren Shakdi


  • Tel Aviv Municipality
  • Union Bank
  • Beit Berl
  • Filecon
  • Deadly lesbian
  • Toto Wiener, director: Jonathan Grofinkel
  • Soda Stream, directed by: Moshe Rosenthal


  • "Ivanov", Beit Lesin Theater. Directed by: Arthur Coogan
  • "As you like", Beit Lesin Theater, director: Ido Riklin
  • "The Angel", directed by Tzipi Pines
  • "Menesh's Aunt", Haifa Theater, director: Alon Ofir
  • "The Witch", Heidispil Theater, director: Alexander Hauspeter
  • "Alma on Ruth", Heidispil Theater, director: Adina Chaimis
  • "A Jewish Mother in Ten Lessons", Heidispil Theater, director: Michael Teplitsky
  • "That's how mother was", Library Theatre, director: Aya Sheba
  • "Proof", Library Theater, director: Yigal Zaks
  • "A Love Story in Three Episodes", The Library Theater, directed by: Alon Ofir
  • "Jewish Soul", Library Theater, director: Alon Tiran
  • "A Shape for Love", The Library Theater, directed by: Yossi Tzbari
  • "Customer Service", Library Theater, director: Maya Shaya
  • "In the wake of the lost time", Tehal Theater, directed by Eti Resnik
  • "Get out clean", Tehal Theater, director: Ido Rosenberg
  • "A love story in three episodes", Tehel Theater, director: Alon Ofir
  • "Angels in America", Tehal Theater, director: Maya Shaya
  • "Kook", Tehal Theater, director: Avi Barcher
  • "Curves", Tehal Theater, director: Yigal Ezrati
  • "Everything about mother", Tehal Theater, director: Avishai Milstein