Anna Burd


  • Creates content
  • Cultural journalist
  • serving
  • Graduated with a master's degree from Goldsmiths University in London. Researched the use of artificial intelligence in the field of screenwriting in Hollywood


  • Crime reporter in Jerusalem, News 10
  • Presents a corner on popular culture in the program "Culture Agent" in Khan 11


  • Editor at the news desk and on the "Haaretz" website
  • Editor at "Kan" Digital
  • Deputy editor of the "Gallery" supplement, the culture supplement of "Haaretz"
  • Deputy editor of the supplement "7 Nights" and a writer in the supplement and "7 Yaims", published hundreds of cover interviews, magazine articles, video articles and opinion columns in the fields of culture and society


  • Correspondent for ultra-orthodox affairs and health on the IDF radio, editor and presenter at the station
  • The creator of "Pushkin's Corner Shenkin" who won the Glatz commander's award
  • Presenter and creator of the podcast "Anna is looking for friends" on the IDF and Galgaltz channels