Alon Neuman



  • "Hit & Run", Netflix, director: Lior Raz
  • "Amalia Coffee", the educational television, directed by: Bobby Lex
  • "The 80s", network, directed by Kobi Havia
  • "Oli Phil", the educational television, directed by Bobby Lex
  • "Elisha", the children's channel, directed by: Ofir Lovel
  • "The North Star", Disney Channel, director: Ofer Weizman
  • "70 million reasons to be happy", Keshet, directed by Ofir Bebeuf
  • "Gallis", fourth season, HOT, director: Oded Raz
  • "The Special", Network 13, director: Oded Raskin
  • "Asfor", HOT, directed by: Rani Sa'ar
  • "Daus", YES, directed by: Gidi Dr
  • "Rosh Godol", YES, directed by Aaron Kaplan
  • "Exposed", HOT, directed by Rani Sa'ar
  • "Thus far", YES, directed by: Eitan Ashkenazi
  • "Surprising news", Keshet
  • "The Beginner's Guide", Beep channel, moderator
  • "Reserves", network, seasons 1 and 2, directed by Uri Barbash
  • "What's up?", Logic channel, director: Moti Aviram
  • "Whose row is this", Channel 2
  • "Merhav Yarkon", channel 2, director: Haim Bouzaglo
  • "Scandal", the educational television, directed by Haim Bouzaglo
  • "A Matter of Time", educational television, directed by Yael Graf and Shirley Stern
  • "The Secret of the Things", educational television, directed by: Tzvika Godel


  • "The day after I left", director: Nimrod Eldar
  • "The Funny World", directed by: My name is Zarchin
  • "Sweet and Bitter" Directed by: Doron Benvinishti
  • "The Salt of the Earth", directed by Uri Barbash
  • "Gift from Heaven", directed by Dover Kusashvili
  • "It was great", directed by Sivan Arbel
  • "Unlimited happiness", directed by: Yigal Burstein
  • "Max and Maurice", directed by: Jacob Goldwasser
  • "One of our own", directed by Uri Barbash
  • "No Shem Zein", directed by: Shmuel Imberman
  • "Stalin's Children", directed by Nadav Levithan


  • "animaniacs"
  • "Sonic the Hedgehog"
  • ״ספייס ג'אם״
  • "Toy Story"
  • "Madagascar"
  • "Super family on 2"
  • "Angry Birds - The Movie 2"