Uri Gottlieb


  • Military service - Central Command Band


  • "Crowded", ZOOM channel, director: Nathalie Bar Markos
  • "Getting through the night", YES, directed by Ofir Lobel
  • "This and that", network 13, director: Dan Messer
  • "The Scams", YES, directed by: Erez Ben Harosh
  • "Let's meet in the lobby", moderator, here at 11
  • "Good night with Assaf Harel", presented by Pina, Channel 10
  • "Sofa surfers", HOT
  • "Babe Magnet", HOT Comedy Central, host
  • "The Pencils", HOT for the children's channel, directed by Yoni Gra
  • "Mharr Shabbat", Channel 1, presents a regular segment
  • "The Green Project", HOT Comedy Central, directed by Eyal B
  • "Comeback", HOT Comedy Central, director: Adi Binaminov
  • "Prime Minister's Children", HOT, director: Nir Bergman
  • "Arab Work", Channel 2, director: Shay Capon
  • "The most beautiful years", Channel 2, director: Ofer Weizman
  • "Family Short", Channel 2, host
  • "The Da Gamma Brothers", Logi channel, directed by: Shai Carmeli Polak
  • "Final weekend!", Channel 2, directed by: Alon Benari
  • "So far", YES, submits
  • "Beep Project", Beep channel, judge
  • "The Celebrities", Logic channel, director: Danny Sirkin
  • "Agree", YES, directed by: David Ofek
  • "Nightclub", Channel 2, panelist
  • "The Strip", Bip channel, director: Amir Ukrainitz
  • "The Champion", HOT3, directed by Shay Capon
  • "Behind the News", Channel 10, directed by Avi Amber
  • Everything is good - Channel 2, moderator
  • "8 minutes a day", Channel 1, director: Uzi Weil
  • "Ahad Ha'am 1", Channel 2, directed by Danny Sirkin and Kobi Havia
  • "Wandering", Channel 2, directed by Assaf Harel
  • ״צה"ל 1״, ערוץ 2, בימוי: יואב צפיר
  • ״מוצ"ש״, ערוץ 1, בימוי: אלה שחף
  • "A Matter of Time", educational television, directed by Yael Graf
  • "Tonight's World", Channel 2, directed by Avi Cohen
  • "This is it!", the educational television, director: Shlomo Albert


  • "Playmobil the movie", dubbing director: Mia Kadosh
  • "Nick's Revenge", dubbing director: Dan Schatzberg and Daniel Magon


  • "The Essence of Life" radio, presents several programs
  • Israel Prize Presenter, Tel Aviv Radio
  • "The Breakfast Club", presenter, non-stop radio
  • ״ציפורי אלף לילה ולילה״, מגיש, גלי צה"ל


  • Television Academy Award winner, comedic actor in the series, "Ahad Ha'am 1"
  • Television Academy Award winner, comedic actor in the series, "Wandering"
  • Ophir Award nominee for supporting actor, "A very quiet heart"