Ofir Chaim

Former football player and lecturer


Lectures and workshops.

Ofir Haim, the lecture

Ofir Haim, a former soccer player, currently the coach of Israel's youth soccer team, led it to an unprecedented achievement in Israeli soccer in receiving the title of European runner-up in the summer of 2022.

An inspiring and exciting meeting about a life journey from a child's dream to the fulfillment of our small and big ambitions, a fascinating life journey from the field to life and back.

Ofir shares with great honesty about the obstacles that stand on the way to success, about dealing with difficulties and how not to let your difficulty define you, about his dealings with his son, Or, who has special needs,

and the values that lead him on the way to success both as a team coach and in his personal life.

Through tools from the world of sports and his personal world Ofir talks about the following topics:

  • Personal leadership and group leadership
  • Overcoming difficulty and obstacles in life
  • Setting goals and objectives and their implementation
  • Coping with stress and crises
  • How to leverage a crisis for success
  • Leading values in life - the values that will always accompany us
  • Including understanding and tolerance for others
  • Empathy was listening to myself and others

Who is the lecture suitable for:

  • Middle school and high school students in schools
  • Education team
  • Youth in the activity are experimented by municipalities and councils
  • Companies and organizations training and welfare days
  • Directors of schools, organizations and authorities