Nir Faivel

Playwright, screenwriter, lyricist and content developer


  • Keshet Broadcasting. Creative, content development and formats
  • “The band project  #2”. Development and Creative
  • Producer on behalf of “Keshet” for various productions (The next star, Loving Anna, The sharks etc.)


  • “The return of the Maccabees”- transcripts and lyrics
  • “Aladdin and Princess Yasmin”- transcripts and lyrics
  • “Budapest Boats”- transcripts and lyrics


  • Boom- By Harel Skaat
  • “Galis” theme song- Harel Skaat
  • Look Into My Eyes- Roni Dalumi (Festigal 2015)
  • Mirror- Karkokli sisters
  • It’s My Turn- Omer Dror, Shiran Sendell, Shir Moreno and Daniel Lipman (Festigal 2015)
  • Summer Rulers- Theme Song for “Boys and Girls” (Children’s Channel)
  • Swaggers- Theme song (YES KIDZ)
  • I will give it all- Theme song “The Band Project” (Children’s channel)
  • The Real Ringtone- Theme Song (Children’s Channel)
  • More to Dream- by Amit Yagur (Festigal 2013)
  • First Love- by Ilanit Levy (Festigal 2011)
  • Smokers? Inappropriate (Children’s Channel)
  • More to wander- Yotvata Campaign
  • Bye Bye- Daniel Mazuz (NMC)
  • Calling you in songs- Meron (NMC)
  • New rules for the game- Start-up band (NMC)
  • Wake up Tomorrow- Start-Up Company (NMC)
  • Falling apart- Adir Bublil