Tomer Machloof



  • 2015-2018 Yoram Loewenstein
  • 2018-2019 Ruth Dytches


  • 2017-  Sub-role – “Kipat Barzel 2”, directed by Nadav Schirman
  • 2017- Guest role- “Fauda 2”, directed by Rotem Shamir
  • 2019- Guest role- “Kupa Rashit 2”’ directed by Oren Shakedi


  • 2019- Main role “Ha’layla Ha’Aroch Beyoter”’ directed by Nadav Schirman


Currently a theatre player at Habima, Beit Lessin and Orna Porat

  • Main role- “The Lost Women of Troy”’ directed by Yair Sherman
  • Main role- “A View from the Bridge”, directed by Alon Ofir
  • Main Role- “The House of the Spirits”, directed by Lilach Segal
  • Sub-role- “Shiva”, directed by Kfir Azoulay
  • Main role- “Moré L’chaim”, directed by Tzvia Hoberman
  • Main role- “Kaban”, directed by Dafna Zilberg