Shmuel Vilozny


  • “Irreversible,” Reshet
  • “Split”, Hot
  • “Always the same dream”, Hot Channel 3
  • “that’s it”, Channel 3
  • “Zimmer”, Channel 1
  • “The Midrasha, Reshet 13


  • “Cats on a Pedal Boat”
  • “The boarding school”
  • “Rape testimony”
  • “The big madness”
  • “Tel Aviv-Berlin”
  • “The Deserter’s Wife” Directed by Michal Bat Adam
  • “Daddy come to the amusement park”
  • “Two minutes from Fureidis” Directed by Dani Sirkin
  • “Then she came” Directed by Roi Florentin


  • “Prisoner in the Heart of the City”, Cameri
  • “Jew in the Dark”, a solo show
  • “La Puce à l’oreille”, Cameri theater
  • ״The beggar״, HaBima theater
  • “The servant of two masters”, HaBima theater
  • “Hamlet”, HaBima theater
  • “The Written”, HaBima theater
  • “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Be’er Sheva Theater
  • “Comedy of Errors”, Be’er Sheva Theater
  • “The Promised Land”, Cameri theater