Amit Ulman



  • 2007-2010- Acting Studio Nissan Nativ, Jerusalem 
  • Actor, creator and student at “Cultural center for creative work” , Baruch Brener, Year of a theatre laboratory by Jerzy Grodovsky
  • “Bruno Shultz- Ha’idan Hageoni”- actor, as part of the work at the center
  • Long form improvisation course with Inbal Laurie


  • Producer at  the incubator theater as part of the work at the theater 
  • Main actor, main writer, composer and director- “This City”- detective rap musical, 2012
  • Main actor, composer, director, translator and main arranger- “Hatragedia Shel Macbeth”, 2014
  •  Actor, composer, main writer and director- “Tichon Magshimim”-rap tribute to youth films
  • Actor- “Job”, adapter and director- Yossi Izeraeli in cooperation with the composer Yosef Bardanashvili, 2017-2018
  • Actor at the “Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai” concert of Yossi Israeli in collaboration with the composer Joseph Izraeli Bardanashvili and the Israel Camerata. The play participated in the Israeli Festival, 2016
  • Actor- “Barslev Beethoven Barslev”, Yossi Izraeli, arrangement for the texts of Rabbi Nachman from Barslev with Beethoven’s music, 2015. The show took part in the Israel Festival- 2015. 
  • Actor- “Ahava Bevakashsa”, The presentation of two short districts of the Tztchov, directed by Arik Eshet, 2011-2012.
  • Actor- “Ma’ase Kshafim”, Theatrical adaptation of Shalom Aleichem’s story, In the adaptation and direction of Dor Zweigenbom, 2011-2012. 
  • Actor and writer- “
  • Actor and writer in “Para Shutah” performances at Avichi-weekly satire, 2010-2011

Cinema and Digital Media 

  • “Hayored Lema’ala”
  • “Goesh”, internet program


  • Published the album “Half Parenthesis” , first hebrew spoken word album. A unique album featuring musical adaptations for the songs of Spoken word in various poetry evenings as a capella. 2017
  • Writes and performs in the “spoken word” style  under the stage name “Pedro Grass”. Pioneers of the genre in Israel 2009.
  • Since 2016 performs with the band “Hakruvim”. 
  • A singer in the rap band “The Victor Jackson Show”, Writing vocal composition and playing in the band’s albums, 2007
  • The establishment of “Poetry Slam Israel” in Jerusalem, sponsored by the Incubator Theater, 2012.
  • Participation in the “Slam International” in Paris as an Israeli representative, 2012