Dan Messer


  • “Apparently things are happening this way” – directing and writing (short film), participated in the Jerusalem Festival and other festivals around the world
  • “The Forest That Was” – production of the feature
  • “Tonight” with Guri Alfi- video editor (3 Seasons), Keshet 12
  • “Tonight” with Guri Alfi- director and skit editor
  • “Goldstar Beer”- director and commercial editor, with Omer Ben-David
  • “Once a week with Tom Aaron”- director and editor, “Kan”, “Taagid”
  • “Television from the Future”- Director and skit editor (Season 2), Reshet
  • “My successful sisters”- the series editor, (season 2-3), Yes
  • “Crowded”- editor of the series, Hot
  • “Schwartz”- editor of the series, Channel 10
  • “Tutit and Mil’eil”- director and editor of the series, Reshet
  • “Wedding Pressure” -the feature editor. Director- Guri Alfi, United King Productions