Oded Paz

Actor | Host | Creator

Hosting and Stage Preformance

  • Oded Paz and the Helmets – Producer and Performer
  • The Live Studio – Host, The Kids Channel
  • King Solomon and the Queen of Shva- The Musical
  • 2006-2009- The Festigal
  • Rinat and Oded on the Way to the Wizard- Isrotel Eilat, Friends Productions
  • A Safari Adventure – Friends Productions and Solan Productions
  • The Pijamot Live- Not in Caesarea- Yucelman Asher Productions
  • The Pijamot- Host
  • What Happened, a War?!- Creator, Writer and Performer, Teddy Production
  • One of Us- Dramatic Play, Zahal Theater


  • Dovale’s Show- Creator and Performer, HOT and Teddy Production Directed by Yoni Gera
  • The Complicated Cook- Creator and Performer, Jenny Communication and HOT VOD Directed by Yoni Gera
  • De Gama Brothers- Logi Channel, Directed by Shy Carmeli Polak
  • Dancing with the Stars- Season 4, Keshet
  • The Pijamot at Cafe Carsol- HOT Directed by Yoni Gera
  • Our City- Creator, Writer and Performer, Teddy Productions and Keshet Directed by Yoni Gera
  • The Pijamot- Creator and Preformer, Teddy Production for the Kids Channel Directed by Rubi Doanis
  • Dubbing for Cartoons and Kids Shows- Dubby Dub Studios
  • Our Song- Teddy Productions for YES Directed by Shirli Stern, Rubi Doanis and Roi Florentin
  • Heartburn- Creator, Writer and Performer- Teddy Productions and Zipi Meisler Productions Directed by Yoni Gera
  • Everything Breaks in the Family- With Zipi Shavit and Dov Reizer- Set Productions, Channel 1 Directed by Yonatan Michaeli and Itzhak Shauli
  • Side Kick and the White Screen- Radio Show- Creator, Writer and Performer