Niv Majar

Director | Actor | Writer | Editor


  • The Oven- Directed by Jake Paltro
  • On The Spectrum- YES. Directed by Yuval Sheferman Winner of the Best Comedy Actor Award- The International Television Festival in Monte-Carlo,Monaco, 2019.
  • Television from the Future- Rehset 13
  • Niza and Lehem
  • Pushers- The Kids Channel Directed by Huan Man
  • Complicated- Channel 10. Directed by Ram Nahari
  • Chelem Behelem- The Educational Television. Directed by Shirli Stern
  • Seret Efes- Directed by Tom Trager and Or Paz

Directing, Acting, Writing and Editing

  • Television from the Future- Reshet 13
  • Niza and Lehem
  • Pushers- The Kids Channel
  • Everything that’s Funny in the World
  • Moving in to Town

Commercials Directing

  • Ikea with Wane Nate
  • Pepsi Fsetival with Larry Thomas
  • Pepsi with Bar Rafaeli
  • Primor
  • Discont Bank


  • In Short- out of Eretz Nehedert, Keshet 12
  • Macabi Beer Commercial with Iaza Mustafa
  • My-Check Commercial with Bar Rafaeli
  • International Bank Commercial with Asi Cohen
  • Azurim Commercial with Oren Zarif
  • McDonalds to the Table Commercial
  • Encouragement to vote Commercial- Elections 2019
  • Yudit 2- Idan Alterman

Music Video Directing

  • Hashtag- Tiras Sexsual
  • If i’ll Bring the Peace- Tirangals Nightmares
  • Broken Blood Freezer – Carmel Apple Pop


  • Hardon Force- as part of Television from the Future, Reshet 13


  • Everything that’s Funny in the World- Founder and Organizer
  • Drummer- Carmel Apple Pop, Panchu, Doe
  • Member of the Toys Orchestra by Igor Kartogolov