Melech Zilbershlag, a haredic, or secular young Israeli
talks in a unique meeting about the differences between the secular and the haredic world, about beeing a haredi in 2022 and about two completely different world in the life of one person – his own. 
In the lecture Melech uses different vidoes, among ones from his time on Kan 11 (with approval), and gives time for questions from the audience
* Befre every lecture Melech has a conversation with the client to fit the lecture to the specific crowd

Melech is a new media man, with hundreds of thounsands of followers on Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram A former anchor in Kan 11, and was chosen on of Israel’s most influential Media People, along side being one of Forbes’s 30 Under 30
Zilbershlag was born on Ramat Shlomo in Jerusalem, the seventh son to a Viznitz Hasidut Family. Son of Rivka and the journalist and advertiser David Zilbershlag

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